Exclusive Order


At THE GOOD PET HOME, we search the globe to bring you premium pet products for the furry friend in your life.  We believe quality and design shouldn't be compromised when it comes to your cat and dog.  That's why we've carefully curated a selection of exclusive products for your pet and home. 

If you see something you would love for you and your pet, but you can't quite find what you're looking for, email us at hello@thegoodpethome.com and we'll try and source what you're after. 

We will also be placing special orders on exclusively selected items. This means you will have to wait longer to receive your products due to shipping however, the items will be well worth the wait. Keep an eye on this page to see what's available or for the discerning pet owner, or keep up to date with our special order exclusive products by signing up to THE GOOD PET HOMES VIP mailing list to learn more, because as they say, "Good Things Take Time".


NB: We are unable to predict unexpected delays to orders due to COVID-19 and the European conflict. Should your order be delayed due to the pandemic or war, we will advise you immediately and discuss options.


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