MiaCara Dog Bed

MiaCara - Special Order

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MiaCara creates beautiful, functional products for design lovers and their pets. They use elegant, honest, materials to produce high-quality accessories for dogs and cats, all in their signature pared-back Bauhaus style. Their products are characterised by a clear design language and a unique style and environmental sustainability is an important basic principle.

In product development, the function is always the foremost of importance, providing creative inspiration.  MiaCara products are mainly manufactured in Germany and Europe, ensuring that only the best raw materials are being used to meet their exceptionally high standards.

The next MiaCara special order closes on 15th August 2021.  If you see something you like but we currently don't have it in stock email us at hello@thegoodpethome.com before this date and we'll discuss what options are available on product availability, price and estimated shipping times.  

As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.