Wild One Dog Harness Walking Kit
Wild One Dog Harness Walking Kit
Wild One Dog Harness Walking Kit
Wild One Harness Lead & Poop Bag Holder
Wild One Dog Harness
Wild One Dog Harness
Wild One Dog Poop Carrier

Wild One - Harness Walking Kit - Mix & Match

$215.00 NZD

Soft, stretchy, and resilient.  A cushioned lightweight harness that's simple to secure and easy to link up with.  An adjustable neck and chest for all shapes and sizes.  Three lead attachment points because we all lead differently, making it a super-intelligent harness.

And with its matte finish, Wild One's dog leads are not only easy to use, but simple to clean.  Made of a super-strong flex-poly strap, their all-weather accessories are comfortable and functional.  Plus they are dirt and odour resistant. Accessorise the harness and lead with a matching poop bag holder for the ultimate walking kit.

To choose your colour set, we will contact you once we've received your order to discuss your preferred colour selection based on availability at the time, or alternatively, you can contact us prior to purchasing the kit at hello@thegoodpethome.com to discuss colour options.

Walking Kit Colour: Mix & Match

Harness Size: 

S: 35cm - 56cm chest / 10cm - 36cm neck / Cocker Spaniel + Jack Russell + Shih Tzu + Pug + Boston Terrier

M: 45cm - 71cm chest / 30cm - 46cm neck / Border Collie + Australian Sheperd + Beagle + French Bulldog + Corgi

L:  60cm - 97cm chest / 40cm - 53cm neck / Golden Retriever + Pitbull + German Sheperd + Standard Poodle + Labrador Retriever

Lead Size: 2cm width / 168cm length / Up to 23kg weight

Poop Bag Size: 9 cm H x 4.5 cm D

Harness Material: 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex / Woven Nylon Straps / Carbon coated steel D-rings

Lead & Poop Bag Material: Flex-poly coated webbing strap/zinc alloy snap hooks / carbon-coated D-rings / Black buckle / Soft-touch plastic / elastic band with an iron clasp

Care: Handwash with mild soap and warm water / Air dry