Miacara Exclusive Stockists

MiaCara Q&A

At THE GOOD PET HOME, we are excited to be exclusive stockists in New Zealand for the awarding-winning brand MiaCara who design premium accessories for cats and dogs.  Find out how it all began from founder Sebastian Zweig.

What inspired you to start MiaCara?

Sebastian: Our journey started in 2010 when our Labrador Cara refused to sleep on her new dog cushion that we had just bought. My wife and I were disappointed in the quality of regular dog beds and then started to develop a concept for functional yet stylish dog products. It was only a vague idea in the beginning, but as Barbara and I continued to work on the concept, we soon decided to give it a try. We worked on the branding and the first products and then founded MiaCara in 2011. In 2015, we launched the MiaCara Gatto collection to offer products for cats in addition to the MiaCara Cane collection for dogs.

What is unique about MiaCara products?

Sebastian: All of our products embody the design philosophy “form follows function”. We create products first and foremost to meet the needs of the animal and then combine it with an innovative, modern, yet down-to-earth design. Our unique approach includes collaboration with a number of internationally renowned product and interior designers.

Where does the name MiaCara come from?

Sebastian: In Italian, “cara mia” or “mia cara” means my darling, my dear. We named MiaCara after our first dog Cara. Later on, when we got a cat, we named her Mia.

Where do you get the inspiration for your products?

Sebastian: We are inspired by interior design, furniture design, by architecture and by good product design in general. In terms of design styles, we are great fans of Scandinavian design in general and Italian furniture design.

What does the future hold for MiaCara?

Sebastian: We want to make MiaCara a household name for innovative design products for beautiful living with your dog & cat. We will continue to expand our product range, both in existing segments and also in totally new segments. For example, we just completed a whole range of dog accessories for Mercedes Benz that are co-branded as “MiaCara by Mercedes-Benz” and that will help us to reach new customers.

We are also currently working with a Danish design team on 14 new products that will all launch in the next 18 months. Furthermore, we will soon complete a new range of dog coats with corresponding walking coats for our female customers.

MiaCara is exclusively available in New Zealand at THE GOOD PET HOME.  You can shop the MiaCara collection here now.