Managing COVID-19 With Pets

Navigating COVID-19 With Pets

It's an unsettling time as the world enters a period of lockdown to contain the COVID-19 virus.  As New Zealand enters its own lockdown, our resident vet, Vetcare Grey Lynn has pulled together some tips to ensure you and your pets stay safe during this time.

Keep your dog on-leash to pace their exercise and avoid dog fights this will reduce potential injuries and accidents.

Stay away from high fat treats, human food, or any new treats to help reduce the need for pancreatitis or gastro-intestinal treatment that those foods often trigger.

What your kids for dropping objects, toys or food on the floor.  Obstructed bowls can be fatal and with restricted medical resources, it's essential we minimise this from potentially happening.

Remove any rat poisoning or toxins that they could get into.

Bring your outdoor cats inside if possible.  Especially at night.  If you know your cat gets into fights, keep them indoors.

Find ways to stimulate pets in a different way - toys, hide and seek, catnip, tunnels, boxes, training exercises are all great ways to use built-up energy.

Learn how to play with your pet at home and adapt.

Continue with premium diets and medicating.

Keep up with preventative healthcare; vaccines, parasite control, wellness checks and dental.

And most importantly, look after yourself, your pet needs you!

It's critical to wash your hands before and after handling pets.

If you do become infected with the virus, it is recommended that you restrict close contact with your pets.

Vetcare Grey Lynn will remain open during lockdown for emergencies.  Be rest assured, there is help available should you need it during this period.