The benefits of dogs in the work place

The Benefits Of Dogs In The Workplace

It's well documented the health benefits of having dogs in the workplace.  Pets at work can create a healthy work-life balance and studies have proven that pets can reduce blood pressure, lower stress, and make employees more productive.

Throughout 2020, THE GOOD PET HOME will be profiling dog-friendly workplaces, but before we do, we wanted to highlight some of the advantages of having dogs at work:

  • Dog-friendly workplaces boost office moral and promote productivity.
  • Dogs encourage a healthier lifestyle in the office.  They force employees to take necessary breaks and employees tend to exercise more by going for lunchtime walks, which in turn can help reduce heart disease.
  • Dog-friendly offices improve employee retention and attract new talent.  Offices that promote dogs in the workplace are more likely to offer flexible working which can be seen as a valuable employment perk.
  • You could save money by bringing your dog to work due to the reduction in the number of hours required at doggie daycare or with a dog walker.  Plus your dog gets socialised!
  • Office Pups help improve office communication and provides a more social environment.  People get to know each other through their pets.
  • Office dogs help to reduce employee stress. Petting a dog has been proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, providing a calmer, stress-free office.

Now if only it was that easy to bring your cat to work! 

Stay tuned for our next blog, the first in the series of Dogs In The Workplace, where we meet CEO and Co-Founder Cliff Ho from The Commons.