Dog By Dr Lisa Cat Rake

Dog By Dr Lisa - Cat Rake

$28.00 NZD

The Cat Rake brush helps to remove loose undercoats and reduces knotting.  A useful brush for most coat types, the Rake will clean, stimulate blood flow and increase natural coat oils. 

How To Use: It's best to rake your cat when they are relaxed.  Gently slide the rake through your cat's coat in the same direction as the coat grows. Use short strokes all over the coat until you have removed all loose hair. For long-haired cats, take your time to carefully untangle knots.  If knots aren't coming out easily, it's time to visit your local vet or groomer. If your cat is apprehensive, take it very slowly with the rake and keep the experience positive.  Raking small areas at a time and using treats or rewards can help.

Material:  Made from sustainable bamboo