cat ball toy
cat ball toy
MiaCara Filo Cat Toy Balls
MiaCara Filo Cat Toy Ball Natural
MiaCara Filo Cat Toy Ball Brown
MiaCara Filo Cat Toy Ball Black

MiaCara - Filo Cat Toy Ball - Set of 3

$65.00 NZD

The Filo cat toy ball will keep your cat busy for hours. With its unusual structure and materials, the ball triggers cats’ natural hunting instincts, inciting them to chase and play with the unique toy.

Available individually or in a set of three, the Filo toy ball is simply irresistible. The carefully designed ball is made of cork and vegetable-tanned leather to provide your cat with a long-lasting and natural toy.

Size: about 3.5cm in diameter

Colour: Natural / Brown / Black

Material: Cork / Full-grain leather, vegetable-tanned

Designer: Regina Mol