Bowl&Bone Republic Dog Toy Pegasus
Bowl&Bone Republic Dog Toy Pegasus
Bowl & Bone Republic Dog Toys
Bowl & Bone Republic Dog Toy Pony

Bowl&Bone Republic - Dog Toy Pegasus

$42.00 NZD

A charming PONY dog toy made by Bowl&Bone Republic will appeal to any dog of any age or size. Expressive to touch and easy to grab, the toy will become a constant companion of your games, both at home and outdoors.

The lush mane is easy to grab and your dog will appreciate the soft rustling sounds that the toy makes when touched. All thanks to the foil sewn into the interior of the toy.

Size: 22 cm H x 13 cm W

Material: 100% Polyester

Care: Pony is washable by hand or machine on a gentle cycle up to 30°C with fabrics of the same colours. To maintain the highest quality, we recommend not drying it in an automatic dryer, dry cleaning or using bleachers. 

Made in the EU