Cheshire & Wain Louis Wain Cat Collar
Cheshire & Wain Louis Wain Cat Collar
Cheshire & Wain Louis Wain Cat Collar

Cheshire & Wain - Louis Wain - Pastel Mint Cat Collar

$115.00 NZD

Inspired by Louis Wain's eccentric artistic talents and love of felines, the Cheshire & Wain Louis Wain collection has been sourced using beautiful Italian leather.  Completed with a matte 'rubberised' finish for a more modern look and lined with super-soft suede for added comfort and yellow contrasting stitching, your feline friend will look like they are ready to hit the catwalk!

And with nicol-plated solid brass hardware, a silver bell, and Cheshire & Wain signature breakaway safety catch, the collar is perfect for even the most adventurous cats.

Size: Petite 18 -22 cm (kitten - 1 year 2.5 - 4.5 kg)  /  Standard 21 - 26 cm (1 year + 4.5 - 7kg)  /  Large 26 - 31 cm (3 years + 7 kg +) 

Width 12 mm

When fitting your cat's collar, there should be room to fit 2 fingers (2.5cm) between the collar and your cat's neck.  

Colour:  Pastel Mint / Pink 

Material:  Italian leather & suede 

Care: Colour transfer may occur if wet, but temporary.  The leather may become darker and richer with wear and contact with the natural oils of your cat's coat.  Hardware can be polished with a clean cloth. Avoid contact with spot-on flea treatments.

NB: Cheshire & Wain collars are not suitable for kittens under 4 months old or cats that weigh less than 2.5kg to wear unattended.