HIro & Wolf Breakaway Cat Collar
HIro & Wolf Breakaway Cat Collar
Hiro + Wolf Cat Collar & Harness
Hiro + Wolf Over the Rainbow Collection

Hiro + Wolf - Over The Rainbow Cat Breakaway Collar

$52.00 NZD

Inspired by The Wizard of Oz, Hiro + Wolf's the Over The Rainbow collection will surely find you and your furry friend a pot of gold.

Putting safety first, their breakaway cat collars have a clever clip design that stays put inside but snaps should your cat get caught, making them purrfect for adventurous kitties. Plus it's easily adjustable to fit kittens to big tomcats.

Hiro + Wolf cat collars are handmade in England.  You'll want every piece in this collection for your favorite companion. All prints are hand drawn. Also available, a matching cat harnesses and lead.

Size: All cat collars are fully adjustable / Range 16 cm - 26 cm L

Care: Hand wash using a mild detergent in warm water, rinse, remove excess moisture, and dry off leather pieces thoroughly.  Leave to dry naturally.