Harlow Harry Pet Parfum at The Good Pet Home

Harlow Harry Q&A

With safe and non-harmful ingredients for your pet, Harlow Harry pet products have been inspired by human fragrance and design.  THE GOOD PET HOME is exclusively selling the brand in New Zealand and we caught up with the co-founders Rachel Crawford and Grant Bradford to learn how it all began.

How did you both meet? 

Rachel: Having both moved down from Brisbane, we met in Sydney through mutual friends about a decade ago. Having so much in common we instantly developed a friendship and have been joined at the hip since! We've been through a lot of milestones in the time we have known each other, including starting a business together, that has only strengthened our bond.

Where did the idea to create Harlow Harry come from? 

Grant: We share a passion for dogs and business, and when unable to find exactly what we wanted from a dog spray, we set to work to develop our own premium fragrance line for pets. We wanted to create a scent that appealed to humans, in packaging that wouldn't look out of place in a beautiful home, and could live proudly on display. We had toyed with the concept for quite some time, and we made the decision to set up the company and commence product development when we were away with our respective families in the Hunter Valley – an exciting and momentous time for us which we memorialised in the naming of one of our signature scents "Hunter 33".  

You worked with a 5th Generation perfumer to create the scents. Is the process different to create a scent for a dog? 

Rachel: There are certainly a number of similarities in the process of creating a human fragrance, and the process we undertook whilst developing our Bellevue 152 and Hunter 33 signature scents. One of the most important steps that we undertook was working with our perfumer and manufacturer to ensure there were no fragrance notes or ingredients that would be irritating or harmful to pets. While we wanted to create something that smelt amazing, we weren't willing to compromise on their safety. Our products are proudly free from alcohol, harmful ingredients, silicone, parabens, formaldehydes and are pH balanced for pets and are vegan. 

Where did the name Harlow Harry come from? 

Grant: Harlow Harry is named after Harlow, my Italian Greyhound, and Harry who was Rach's first pet (a Siamese cat) and the middle name of her gorgeous Pomeranian (who also thinks he's a cat). 

What's next for Harlow Harry? 

Rachel: Since our launch in January, we've had quite a busy year. Recently adding 50mL variants of our flagship parfums to our product line, along with the launch of our conditioning pet shampoo in complementary scents. While we are both looking forward to a nice relaxing Christmas break, we are gearing up to expand our market reach both within Australia and internationally, and in time, plan to offer an even broader range of luxury pet products


THE GOOD PET HOME will be hitting a series of events this Summer in and around the greater Auckland region where we will be spritzing Harlow Harry Pet Parfum.  If you'd like to smell these divine fragrances, keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook pages for details and you can shop the fragrance now.