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Travelling With Pets

Heading out of town but dreading the drive with your pet?  Here are some handy tips when travelling with pets.

  1. Desensitization is key before doing a long haul in the car. Taking them on short stress-free trips, keeping the vibes positive and calm every time will slowly show them there is nothing to worry about!
  2. There are multiple safe ways to travel either with a securely anchored crate or a properly fitted dog harness securely attached to the vehicle. Choose what best suits you and your pet. Cats must be in a ventilated, partially covered and safely secured carry cage.  And make sure they are comfy!  The MiaCara Cosmo Dog Travel Bed is the perfect accessory for your traveling dog.
  3. Backseat only, please!  You may find it fun cruising with your pet next to you but if the airbag deploys they’ll be in big trouble.
  4. Stop frequently on a long drive to exercise and go to the toilet.
  5. Pets hanging out of the windows look cute, yes, but it is a risk for them to easily jump out or in case of an accident get seriously injured. Keep them only slightly open.
  6. Pets can get motion sickness too! Ask our VetCare Grey Lynn vet friends how to keep your pets comfortable. They have safe medications to prevent nausea and anxiety for a better travel experience. They also have some natural options too!
  7. And keep your pets hydrated.  The Thirsty Dog Drink Bottle is ideal to keep in the car and when on long journeys, ensuring they can enjoy a fresh drink of water when needed.  

Author: Vetcare Grey Lynn