Pooch Design Greeting Cards

Pooch Design Q&A

Pooch Design creates a selection of funny greeting cards for humans and canines alike.  The Good Pet Home caught up with its founders Pearl (creator and human) and Samurai (pooch) to learn more about the brand.

What inspired you to start Pooch Design?
I'd been wanting to start my own business for some time and having a design background, plus being a proud dog mum, made me interested in seeing how I could combine these two interests. I felt there was a real gap in the market for buying dog-themed greeting cards, in particular for dog parents, so I really wanted to cater to that audience and come up with some fun and relatable products.
Pooch Design Greeting Cards
What's unique about your brand & products?
Pooch Design is the only dog-themed greeting card brand in New Zealand which we think is pretty awesome!
We keep our production local, we print right here in Wellington and our envelopes are made in Tawa.
Where do you get the inspiration for your products?
Honestly, most of it comes from Samurai! 
I was a dogless dog lover for ages, so when I finally became a dog mum again I realised that I wasn't the only one who was so unapologetically obsessed with their dog! 
It's the life of being a dog mum that inspires the cards - whether it's getting that ping of anxiety when leaving Samurai at a friend's house for the weekend and just hoping that he won't pee in their house, or my friends asking if we can meet at a dog-friendly bar because they really just want to hang out with Samurai. 
What type of materials do you use?
We use a range of white and coloured papers, along with gold foil for a range of cards. We'll be moving to a 100% recycled paper in the near future too.
What's next for Pooch Design?
We'll continue to grow the range of greeting cards and look at expanding into more stationery options like diaries, calendars, posters etc.
You can shop for the Pooch Design collection here now.