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St Argo Melbourne Q&A

With a collection of vegan dog accessories, St Argo Melbourne provides a range of effortless comfort and style for you and your furry friend.  Founded by Melbournian couple Tim Rogers and Maggie Outridge, The Good Pet Home spoke with Tim to find out more about the brand.

What inspired you to start St Argo?

We moved to Melbourne opposite a dog park and were inspired by the Melbourne fashion & dog culture! St Argo was born.

Where did the name St Argo come from?

Well, we live in 'Argo' St, Melbourne. 'St' is short for SAINT - because we are proudly vegan :)

How did you both meet?

Oh gosh, we met for the first time at a high school party! Then got to know each other better when we both had holiday jobs at a resort in Sunny Queensland (where we are originally from), seems like so long ago. 

How do you find working together and how do you split your roles in the business?

We work really well together.  We certainly both have split roles which are based on our strengths. Maggie loves the design/product development and marketing side of things, whilst I generally crunch numbers (not so fun) and chat with retailers (much more exciting).

What's unique about St Argo products?

Where do I start? The main difference between St Argo and other brands is that our pieces are both timeless & unique. It's quite difficult to design products that we can envision a lot of customers will like, but that they haven't seen anywhere else!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Women's fashion! We choose colours based on what's hot in the women's fashion market for the season. We see a bag we like for ourselves and think, why can't we create something for our pup that emulates that look?

What does the future hold for St Argo?

A lot! We want to be able to offer customers everything they are after for their furry friends, from St Argo. Snow Puffers, Chic Harnesses, Poop Bag Holders, Travel Blankets! Watch this space ...

St Argo is exclusively available in New Zealand at The Good Pet Home.  Shop the collection now.